The company


After a long career beginning in 1976 in the traditional banking industry, Rodrigo Muñoz Vivaldi liquidate his partnership in Security Group and develops Capital Trust S.A., a financial boutique advisory company that aims to provide financial services that complement the traditional banking business.

From its creation until today, Capital Trust has successfully completed transactions for over US$ 3.500 MM including mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory restructuring, private placements and other strategic transactions in the local market.

Capital Trust stands as an investment banking firm free of the conflicts of interest inherent to large, multi-product financial institutions. Its sole objective is to maximize value for its customers.

With extensive experience and professionalism reflected in its vast history of transactions, Capital Trust provides strategic and financial advise to companies and individuals to help them achieve the growth and success they desire.


Capital Trust aims to grow and develop further more as a major player on the chilean market of complementary financial services, rather than size for transcendence, being a generator of value for its clients, developing alliances and extensive contact networks worldwide.