• Rodrigo Muñoz Vivaldi

    Rodrigo Muñoz Vivaldi

    Executive Director

    Founding partner of Capital Trust. He has a vast experience in mergers and acquisitions, also in financial restructuring. Prior the foundation of Capital Trust, he carry out the equivalent role in Grupo Secutiry, where he worked as Director of the Group and Chairman of the Mutual Funds, Stock Brokerage, Factoring and Insurance areas.

    He is a Civil Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de Chile, and he has worked in the banking sector since 1977, being the director of different companies which include financial services companies, retail companies, mining services, retail companies and educational institutions.

    Nowadays he is the director of Tarjeta Andes PrePago, subsidiary of Caja de Compensación Los Andes, Detroit Chile SA, Guante / Gacel and Corporación Señales.

    Rodrigo Muñoz Hinrichsen

    Rodrigo Muñoz Hinrichsen


    He is a Civil Industrial Engineer with a degree in Transport Engineering of the Universidad Catolica de Chile.

    He has been working in companies related with Transport, Logistics and Salmon industries for over 5 years. He has experience in leading projects in areas such as operations, commercial, human resources and IT.

    The most outstanding of which are implementation of Inventory Management Systems in shipping company, strategic planning, experience implementing SAP, review and standardization of commercial and operational processes and operational efficiency projects.

    Lidia Sandoval Orellana

    Lidia Sandoval Orellana

    Business Manager

    She is a Business Administrator from the Universidad de Santiago and holds a MFA in Universidad de Chile.

    Lidia has been in the banking industry for over 15 years. She has extensive experience in corporate finance, finance modeling, valuations and structuring banking and nonbanking funding.

    She has experience advising multiple transactions of M&A and leading processes of purchasing or selling stocks and assets.

    She has worked in several executives and managing positions, the most outstanding of which are business consultant of companies of several industries and administrative, finance and risk manager of a financial company.

    Alejandra Letelier Achondo

    Alejandra Letelier Achondo

  • Tomás Deimel Winternitz

    Associate Business Manager

    Founding partner of Feller-Rate Clasificadora de Riesgo Ltda. (Standard & Poor's) and Director of Finance Institutions and Insurance companies. He has extensive experience consulting banks, valuation of companies and due diligence of financial assets.

    He is Civil Industrial Engineer of Universidad de Chile and has a Master of Science of Standford University, USA.